the color is different.

did you really need someone to tell you that?
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Olumpic White has a tiny bit more of a blue tint to it. This is so in normal lighting (which has a slight yellow tint to it) it looks like a brighter white.

Arctic White does have some blue in it too but less than Olympic White. Under regular lighting this can look totally white or sometimes not quite as bright since the amount of blue in Arctic White often isn't enough to counter the yellow/orange tone of most household lights.

Some companies also make Snow White, which is usually the same as Olympic or sometimes has even more blue in it. Other companies also make Alpine White, which is a clean white colour with no blue in it at all.

But don't worry, all of them will look white, you can't actually tell there's any blue in them. The hint of blue just stops them from looking cream-coloured or aged in regular lighting.

Then of course there's Vintage/Antique White, which has a slight creamy colour added on purpose.

EDIT: my mistake, I got Olympic and Arctic the wrong way around. My fault, Squier has it one way and Fender does it another for no apparent reason.
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