Haha sorry I didn't know what else to name this. Anyways... on the way home from lunch the other day my best friend and I came across, on a back road with nothing on it (leads straight to his neighborhood), something square and black with a cardboard sign in front that said "free." So naturally we stopped to check it out. What I had found was a cabinet built pretty well. Someone had taken the speakers out already, but it's pre-cut for 12" so what we're going to do is replace a few spots of the wood that need it, put in two Celestion Greenbacks, tolex it (color is a surprise, but it will match my 60's relic strat), put in a wheat cloth, then find the perfect head for it. I've never been so stoked about something I found on the side of the road!
Wow, very nice! It'd be awesome to find some free gear on the side of the road.
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Once we start constructing in about a monthish I'll do a step by step photo journal of it. Here's the best part though... I called the trophy and engraving shop today about getting a plate made for it. I have an extra Fender plate from a friend and they told me they could make an exact replica of it saying "Free" as that will be the cabs name haha.