I had my ampeg in the living room, and then i had to move it to my bedroom, since we had company over. I play it in my room now.

its sounded perfect in the living room, and when i play it in my room, it sounds muddy.

does what room its in have that much impact on tone, really?
Yeah, there's definitely a difference in room. Try adding some reverb.
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Yeah, there's definitely a difference in room. Try adding some reverb.

Yeah, the size of the room affects the way the sound bounces off the walls. So does the material of the walls, depending on how loud you're playing. It's called "acoustics".
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You've probably got carpet in your room, your bed soaks up the sound, etc.

Turn up treble and reverb to compensate.
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What they've been saying basically.

I notice a difference from room-to-room myself.
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Yea the room makes a big difference. Led zeppelin did some crazy things playing in hallways, bathrooms etc for a certain tone. Carpet, wood, and concrete, and room size all affect things. You will just have to retweak your settings.