wooh, time for a new amp.
i play to a lot of radiohead, the strokes, muse, interpol, srv, eric johnson.
mostly blues/alternative/indie.

here are my choices for amps:

fender hot rod deluxe/deville
fender blues deluxe
vox ac30 (if i can find one for about $800-900)

my budget is roughly $700/800

any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

note: an fx loop is a big plus.
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The HRD has great cleans but bad overdrive. A friend of mine has one - jammed with him for about an hour. Can't really comment on the others, but the AC30 is very British and have a '60s-ish tone all about it.
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i don't plan on using the amplifiers stock od, really. i have a couple pedals for that. also, i saw an ac100 for about $900, but i'm not sure i'd do too well with 100w. completely unnecessary for a half stack, imho.
I had a Hot Rod Deville 2x12. I hated that thing, so much power, such bleah tone. I recommend the "Blues" series, the Blues Deluxe is a great amp. Stay away from the Hot Rod Deluxe / Deville, their distortion channels are utter crap.
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B-52 at 112?

IDK I always thought it had pretty good cleans and nice distortion.

You could even get the at100 head model and score an avatar 2x12" cab for around 780 something.

It'd be a little more usable than an amp with only cleans in mind.
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