Yeah this is my first time on the forum, so let see what happens.....

So anyways, I'm want the tabs for Out of L.A. - The Dollyrots. (Bass tab) I've looked for their stuff on here before, and the only tabs that people have for them is guitar, and they are not the song I'm looking for. I would do it myself, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY suck at finding out songs already written. You can find the song on their myspace, or if you go to http://blackheart.com/artists.php?artistId=1 and go to their videos and hit "out of LA"...this would really mean alot to me. Thanks.
On the homepage, look about the middle on the right and it says tabs pending approval. At this time, I think it has around 1200 tabs. Unless you have submitted three tabs, you can't go there. Under that, says **** tabs requested. Go and request the song there as bass, maybe somebody will do it.
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