This was written in about three hours altogether... I don't have a band, but I'd like to record it. I know it's short. I'm also aware the keys would be a bitch to play, as pointed out by Taydr, but I don't actually know a keyboardist anyway. I might turn that into a guitar part if I ever record this song.

Taydr also informed me that some of the drum fills would be a bitch to play... but, oh well, haha. That can be fixed. Also, no drums at the end because I added it on last minute. Need help finding a beat for it.

C4C, obviously.
untitled song.zip
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I guess I'll do a step by step breakdown while I listen to this.

The beginning riff was quite funky.
That bass really helps push it out. I wasn't fond of the guitar in this section though.

Measure 18 and onward is so kvlt and troo. Good riff.

Bar 26 is nice. The transition from black metal to death metal reminds me of Akercocke.
Hold that thought.
The riff at 34 is Akercocke all the way.

It's a little short.
This would be an interesting medley or intro to an album though.
It's quick and effective at grabbing the listeners attention.

8/10. That's a high mark for something so short.

Oh yeah, if you feel like C4C, check out some of my songs in the Mein Comps link (in my sig, of course).
I think you may like Endemia.