As the title says Im looking for a stereo chorus. I have the liquid chorus/echo now. But never use the echo part and its not stereo. The ones Im looking at are the 2 BOSS pedals CH1 and CE5. Ibanez has the CS9 but I like having some tone control not required but nice, I dont know much about the trimode TC7. Dunlop has their stereo chorus but dont know if thats what Im looking for. And there is the EH stereo clone theory. The pedal also has to be compatable with my 1spot adapter. The BOSS and ibanez are going to be buffered dont know about the dunlop and the EH is truebypass. The BOSS pedals look good as they have EQ and mix controls. But I know ibanez makes good stuff. Never had a any EH pedals before. Dont need one thats chorus/flanger as I already have an ibanez flanger.
I have the CH-1 and love it. You need to go to your local guitar store and give it a try. Since most of them have their displays set up with a guitar and amp, this makes it easy.

It works great with the 1-Spot. You can check my profile to see a photo of my pedals and the 1-Spot.
Going to a store is not an option. The only stuff the store near me sells is the super cheap danelectro stuff. And its 2 hours to a GC or such. The BOSS, ibanez, and EH will all run on my 1 spot. Im leaning to the BOSS or EH. Ill just put my current chorus on ebay.
If you really like the H2O other than the lack of two wet outputs and the inclusion of the echo effect, you can get the Liquid Chorus from Visual Sound. It has a second wet output and a depth knob that gives even more control over the lushness of the chorus than the normal/lush switch on the chorus side.
I modded my H2O to have to wet outputs but its not in stereo. Thats what Im looking for is stereo. I run 2 amps on opposite sides of the room and really want true stereo. The EHX clone theory is analog and true bypass. And the ibanez is analog. The BOSS site makes no mention if their 2 chorus pedals are digital or analog.
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The stand alone chorus is stereo but the H20 with delay and my older model arent stereo. I modded mine myself from 1 wet 1 dry output to both wet output and they solder to the same pad the one I have isnt stereo. But mine is also a few years old. They redesigned em since. It is an option tho as the stand alone chorus is stereo. And I like how mine sounds. So might be the way I go it didnt show up in my previous searches.
Well I got the new liquid chorus and well it isnt like my old one. They dont make mention anywhere of the treble boost/bass cut which ever way they do it. Its really bright even off and has sucked all the bottom end out of my guitar. And half my signal goes to a bass amp with bass boost and the bass maxed seems to make no difference. I sent an email to see if there is a way to make the pedal transparent if not Ill just return it. Its a chorus pedal not a treble booster.