i just got an ipod touch and was wondering about must-have free apps for it. fill me in everybody in the pit. And maybe some awesome songs to put on it. Im trusting y'all.
The notepad. It comes with it, right enough, but it is my most used app by far

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flash lite, chord generators, WIFINDER- MUST HAVE, pull my finger, and the little resistor band decoder thing.

those are some of my favs
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Flashlight, AIM, Myspace, Facebook, PureSolitare. Self explainatory.

TapDefense - Fun game, gets challenging and is a nice way to waste time.

Remote - Controls the iTunes on your computer

iDoodle Light - Paint program

Wikitap - Wikipedia

Google/Google Earth

Trace - Probably my favorite free game. Really long to finish.

Pick your favorites.
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remote, flashlight, iheartradio, and taptap revenge but most of all remote can control itunes
Besides ones already mentioned...
Google Earth, Pandora, UrbanSpoon, Sudoku, Topple, PapiJump, GuitarChords. Simplify Media is probably the most useful app that costs money.
Snatch Test is free, it lets you use your Ipod as a trackpad on your computer.

Knots - (Idk if it's still free) Like twister, but with your fingers


Space deadbeef (Goddamn awesome free game, download this for sure)

Google Earth

Drinks free (1500+ drink recepies, really fun)

The only thing I've payed for was Sim City (I say it's worth the $10)

The BEST, however, is the More Cowbell app.
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