For Christmas this year, my grandmother bestowed upon me my late grandfathers 1950 4-string Gibson guitar, it's beautiful! The only problem is I can't tune it properly because I'm afraid to break the smallest string, it came tuned like a banjo, but I need to tune it too A. If I tune lower, the string buzzes and the chords don't work, but I don't think I can tune it to a higher A without snapping the string, am I supposed to tune it that high?

It's amazing to play as it is, but I'd love to use some proper cords!
Haha, yea I wouldn't know what I was talking about unless I saw it, I found these online but it's the exact same guitar~

I'm stumped, it's impossible to tune the high string to an A, maybe I need special strings
A tenor guitar is tuned like a tenor banjo, in fifths. The notes are CGDA, each note being a fifth apart from each other. Start by tuning the low string to low C(one octave below middle C on a piano). Tune up the remainder as normal. You can get strings here:


Sweet guitar btw. My condolences on your grandfathers passing.