any 1 knows any good settings in gearbox, im not a bassist so i dont know whats a good tone for a bass. tones i like are necrophagist,as blood runs black, cannibal corpse you know that slappy/strong sounding bass. thanks!!! oh yeah i got a cheap yamaha its pretty cool i think.http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-RBX170-Bass-101834489-i1146652.gc
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Uh, well, first of all, Necrophagist's bass tone is nothing like slappy or strong. It's tight and mechanical, especially on the first album. As Blood Runs Black's sound comes from their bassist down tuning a four string that's probably not properly set up and just being rough overall with it. If you've ever seen their bassist play, he's usually going crazy on the bass and playing what comes to him, not really trying to stay clean or anything. Cannibal Corpse's bass tone comes from the tone of Alex's Spector, which has a brighter tone that cuts through and then a down tuned tone that gives the sloppy nature.

Just thought I'd give some insight into that.
like i said ive not yet understood completly why they sound they way they sound thats why im asking. is there anything i can do with gear box that will help out my bass sound, idont even have to sound like them just a metal tone something like but not limited to the example s.
If you're looking for a metal tone, do not scoop your mids. That is the major reason of why most metal bands have an unheard bassist. Boost your mids, play with your treble, your highs and keep your lows at a nice level.

Learn to EQ.
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so this is where im at right now, my gearbox setting Thumb slap> high freq pass 10'oclock>bass 4oclock>low mid 1oclock>high mid 1oclock>treble 5oclock thtas me right nowso ishould boost both mids leave treble and lower my bass,,,,what is high freq pass?