are there any songs that are good to start off practicing sweeping?
iv only got a 4 string and im aware that it usually occurs when the player has more than 4
just wondering
Not alot of four string sweeping songs come to mind, but you could always transpose some ERB stuff. Some ideas -
Skitzo - Adam Nitti
Walking Tall (outro) - Seventh Wonder
Break The Silence - Seventh Wonder
Taint The Sky - Seventh Wonder
To Counter And Groove In E Minor - Spastic Ink
Scarified - Racer X (4 string)

Here's a few links - Walking Tall , Skitzo and Break The Silence.
The rest shouldn't be too hard to find, I'll get round to posting some more songs sometime...
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Dude if i were you i'd look more at bands like Dragonforce, Dragonland, Dream Theatre and Power Quest, most of their songs are either in E major, A major, C major or D majhor