I bought the Orange Crush 30R. It's a beautiful little chinese made amp that does exactly what I want, so I spend more for something I don't need.

Anyways, I notice that there is a OD Pedal Input on my amp, that switches the inside circuits of my amp from clean to OD mode. I never received a pedal with the amp, brand new in the box so I assume I'd have to buy one from another company or something. I'm just wondering, what do you call these things, how much do they cost, and does any one work with any brand?
Its called a footswitch, the must universal one would be a Boss FS-5, they cost $30 i think! But you have to consult your manual to see where you need a latching or momentary switch then get either the FS-5L(latching) or FS-5U(momentary).
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