Okay I've noticed Im kind of an odd one out, because when picking a song, Sweet Child o' Mine for example, I pick with my index and thumb, and I see a lot of people just picking with one finger or with a pick. I started guitar after mastering the uke, so Im suck with this technique. Is it wrong? Does it sound better to pick with one finger only, or is it faster picking or something? Personally I prefer the thumb and index but if its wrong then I need to start practicing the new style now because bad habits are hard to break, better start now. Thanks in advance.

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There are many different techniques to picking. I would say when finger picking using a thumb and finger is better than only being able to use just a thumb, or just a finger, but being able to use all of your fingers wouldn't hurt you at all. Just practice and try to keep using all of your fingers and it will keep getting easier to use them.

Most guitarists for that genre of music use a pick.

It is not necessary to focus entirely on one technique. It is good to be efficient at both

Hope this answered any of your questions!
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It just depends on what you are wanting to do. I've seen people that were lightning fast finger picking and people who are blazing with a pick. They do have a bit of a different sound of course, so it's just your preference. It will open up more possibilities if you can do both. But yellowshirtguy is right, most people in that genre used a pick. Good luck!
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Totally depends on style mate, if you wanna shred use a pick if you want flamenco likestuff use your fingers etc.
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Thanks guys, i guess i'll practice both... never know.
~Signature? Whats this Signature everyone's talking so much about?