Alright, I'm thinking of getting a PRS SE Custom 24 since it basically encompasses most of what I like in a guitar, but I want to know if the stock pickups are four-conductor and can be wired for coil-tapping. Is there any way I could tell, or does anyone know whether they are? Because Single-coils are my preferred pickups in most situations, but it's 24 frets, has a tremolo, and if their tappable, not much can beat it for the price IMO.

Thanks for any help provided.

Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wasn't sure where to post it other than the Electric Guitar forum, and they basically mainly ignored me when I posted this there.

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My PRS is in another country and I won't see it for a bit, sorry

The easiest and most reliable method though is to phone or email PRS customer support and ask them, if anyone will know surely it's them?
If you have access to the guitar you can ask if they can open up the control plate and you should see two sets of red and white wires heat shrunk together.
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ask at the shop when you buy it or email prs, what pickups does it have? or are they just generic prs ones
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