When the world finally crumbles,
who will you be walking down sunset with?
will it be that woman from the bar,
you know the kind,
wearing her lips on her sleeve,
to much perfume and make up,
obvious shes trying to hard,
but then again maybe so are you.
Or will you be with that high school sweetheart,
you know the one,
you haven't seen in years,
her beauty might have faded,
and her baggy sweatpants and tennis shoes
might not be a turn on,
but shes still as much of a joy to talk to
as when you thought your world ended back in ninety-four.

I know where I'm going to be,
I'll be lying in my bed half naked with the cigarrettes dying,
and the lights still burning,
without enough energy,
to shut them off myself.
So I'll let the new girl I'm still getting used to,
dim them one at a time,
while I pick my acoustic and pretend I'm important.

But either way it goes,
we'll know we're doing something right,
when they look in our eyes and say,
"Slow dance with me,
and enjoy it til the dawn,
Because its the closest to love,
either one of us will ever be"
Last edited by bluesybilly at Jan 3, 2009,
there wasnt much flow to this work
but it was well written
and i very much enjoyed it
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him