Why, is there something wrong with people over 35 being sexual creatures?
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It annoys me when kids sit there playing the sweet child o mine or smoke on the water intro riff repeatedly
and badly
and so loud the whole shop can't hear themselves think
and with the worst amp settings possible


this would fit well with the guy from the sham wow commerical.. "you're gonna love my nuts, watch this" *pulls out trojan vibrating thing*
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I noticed that too.
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What a coincidence one time I ****ed your cousin in the eye.
My friend found one of those on the floor in her house. eew
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its not as weird as that arbys commercial witht he guy and his wife doing role play as a fast food fry cook....
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its not as weird as that arbys commercial witht he guy and his wife doing role play as a fast food fry cook....

Ugh, I know! That one creeps me out.
Why does everyone hate the Arby's commercial so much? I just saw it tonight and I laughed (I also think I would like a woman to do the same for me, but I really love Arby's).
Miss Scourge? PM me.

I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.

They also got they're vibrating touch online...it's easy and they're not afraid to talk about it!!

I'd pay money to watch Blanche **** the **** out of herself!!
lol lol lol lol lol!!!!
the old grandma!
hahahah! ..."it's good fro relationshps, lets just say that"
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Ahhh damn you vinc3nt!

Downpressor man

Where you gonna run to

All along that day

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GMILF that lady is

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Freakish mammals bring the end times. It's not even 2012 yet and we're all on the path to extinction. Send cash now to God-TV!
there's just something wrong about advertising a masturbatory aid on television. it's like if they started advertising sex dolls on television.

holy hell, what a coincidence.

i was watching VH1 2009 for 2009 and saw this commercial of course its at like 3:45 im the only one to see the commercial, and it was still awkward.

each second that passes when i see that commercial my face becomes more twisted and distorted with bewilderment, awkwardness, and bamboozlement.
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