Can the Vox Valvetronix AD15VT do metal?

They don't sell Peavey's were i live and it seemed a good choice to get Vox.

Will it sound any good?

I plan on buying.

Depends what type of metal. If you want the heaviest of the heavy look elsewhere, but it can do classic stuff.
My brother got me one for christmas and I think it plays very well for metal songs. I play alot of slayer and lamb of god etc. and it sounds great, especially for the price
Keep in mind the AD15VT has been replaced by the new VT15. The VT15 has 22 amp models compared to the AD's 11, a separate reverb where in the AD it's one of the effects, and the VT15 has the way cool power adjuster just like the higher watt models, which the AD15VT does not.

Awesome little buggers, really, either way you go.
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Do yourself a favour and don't get the Vox. It's a great little amp but certainly not for what you're looking for. Buy it and you'll be regreting it very soon. You will be able to buy the Vypyr online and most of these places will have a return policy if you're not happy with it. I've tried the Peavey, Roland and Vox and believe me, out of those three the Vox comes third for what you're after. The Vypyr and Cube will both do high gain Metal but the Vypyr is easily the better of the two because the amp models are more convincing, the effects are far better and it is far more versatile.
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