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Looks like a Yamaha F335. Just like mine that I got for $130 at guitar center. The tag inside of the sound hole. You can always ask for a closeup of the tag/sticker. I'm wondering what that blue thing on the headstock is though.

Oh yeah, its a good guitar... mine at least. Lower end guitars have some variation on quality control.

He's right F335 BL. The blue thing on the headstock I have no idea what it is, only that it's a reflection.

This guitar really it's amazing, It caught me a little off guard then I came back to play it, the only reason I'm selling it is to buy a new electric one.
^ Yay for being able to spot the same guitar. I will say that when I brought mine to college to practice (on Thrs I had a break between 2pm until 6:30pm when my night class started) and a friend of mine who has played for like 9 years played it he said how it had an awesome tone. I also like it over the sound most of the other peoples guitars sound at school. They are all the <$300 price range and I have to say for sure mine sounded best. If you check out the reviews on Musician's Friend and Guitar Center also you will see what I mean.

As for me this will always be a "First Guitar" that I can never get rid of unless it means giving it to my future child as a present.

As for the blue thing I kept thinking it was a pick you shoved on there for storage but it wasn't between the strings right x_X. Probably from the flash?
I took it with my phone, and it could be the front screen on the front of the phone, so that's probably what it is.

I had a friend who's uncle was a BIG acoustic freak, he owned guitars that were limited edition with only like 4 made in the world or atleast I believed him, I brought my guitar over to his house and he was amazed how good it played for a guitar that was under 300. I have an ibanez that i'm selling as well that doesn't play as well as this thing.

I hate to sell it but I realllllly need the cash right now so.
Man, whoever gets it will have a nice guitar to use then. Especially better than the low end ibanez acoustic.
Very true. I have to admit for a beginner guitar, it really helps since the action on mine is a bit higher so it builds strength in your fingers.

So great beginner guitar here
Wherabouts are you?

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I bought this guitar about two years ago.

If you want any different information just asked. Asking price would be 120 but i'm taking offers at this point. There are pictures below.