I'm looking for a classic thread from the old days of UG.

It concerns a guy who sent pictures of his wang to a fat chick, and then had the fat chick fall in love with him, and stalk him or something. He couldn't get rid of her.

I believe it was in the late '05, '06, or very early '07 era of UG. Anyone remember this???

I searched a couple different things and couldn't find it. PLEASE someone help me! Epic lulz shall ensue!
sounds epic but i'm sorry that i can be of no use here.
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search ohioemokid
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I think it's been deleted.

Yep, I just found his profile and he deleted it. I remember he tried to distance himself from all of that so he could post here without being harassed so that's probably why. He was such a goober.
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Omg, just a few minutes ago I found her account and was reading that thread.

And yeah, I think he deleted it. All I could find by searching his name was ppl mentioning him.

Still though, I wish I had the OP