So today i was playing with my guitar until my strap came of and my guitar hit the edge of a table now it has a big dent in it( this is not the only one i got a few) heres a couple of pics to clarify:

i was wondering if there is a way to get it out and how. i would really appreciate it
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if its not that great of a guitar i wouldent bother with it.

anyway, you will have to sand down the areas with dents. tape off painted area, apply some wood filler, sand down till its even with body, prime the area, apply base coat, prep area, clearcoat, then color sand area to match.
Just leave it. Battle scars, you know? My acoustic is covered in them.

Seeing that guitar reminds me of a friend's first act. Both strap buttons came out, so he replaced those with rusty 4" deck screws. His strap tore, so he stapled it back together. Multiple times.

I don't know why he doesn't just get new buttons and a new strap. Or, even better, he should replace the deck screws with eye bolts and put some carribeaners (sp?) on the ends of his strap.
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