I'm currently trying to change all my gear, but I'm afraid I need a little advice.

As far as guitars are concerned, I've fallen in love with the Epiphone LP Ultra II, so that will probably be it.

However, I'm trying to decide what else I really need.

I want a decent amp that's less than $600. I was thinking about a Peavey Vypyr, but that somehow sounds a bit unnatural to my ears. Do you know any amp that can produce a fairly large array of sounds without sounding fake? I'm also considering an amp that's good on cleans and buying a couple of distortion pedals - would that work? I'm not sure if I can afford any quality head+cab in that price range I should mention that I'm not very interested in playing that "brutal" kind of metal. Classic metal, punk, hard rock.

As for pedals and effects... I currently own a Digitech RP250 effects processor and although I'm overall satisfied with the effects, some of them are a bit shallow and most of the distortion that unit can deliver is unsatisfying (quality-wise). Should I sell it and buy analogue pedals? Also, considering what I've mentioned about the kind of music I like playing, what pedals do you recommend me?
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For 600$ he could do much better.

I think you should go for a Peavey Classic 30 with a good overdrive pedal. It will be able to hit metal and definitely hard rock if you crank the pregain.

I'd sell the Digitech RP250 if you aren't happy with it. You could easily get over 200$ with it and invest in a good overdrive pedal. Try out Fulltone OCDs and Maxon OD808s.

EDIT: Okay I did some looking and you can actually get about 150$ for a digitech RP250, but that still is enough for both the OD pedals I mentioned.
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