I´d like a chorus pedal for those fat clean parts So please recommend me one. My budget is around 100$ and my style is metal (if this helps).
i like the boss ch1 and ce5. both run for around 90 bucks USD. they realy work well for cleans but with distortion you have to watch the settings.
Not really a fan of the aforementioned Boss pedals. You should look into an Electro Harmonix Small Clone and Clone Theory too. I wasn't really that impressed with the Clone either, I prefer a kinda chorusy flanger pedal.
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the small clone is your best best for 100$
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One pot and one depth switch? Does it sound so good that you don´t need more controls?

In my opinion, yes. It's really nice and fat, and you can get a surprising amount of different sounds with the minimal controls.
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thats what i like about the boss ones. the knobs are not that confuseing. and you can get much more out of it tone wise. you can get more detailed with the sound your after.