Not sure if you guys remember but I posted that I tried the Vox ac30 and Fender Hot Rod Deville. My first ever taste of a tube amp.

Well, I choose none of them and went for a Peavey Classic 50.

The tone suits me down to a tee and the lead channel has more then enough OD for what I do so I'm MORE then happy.

One quick question though. I tend to play gigs at friends BBQ's. Outdoor stuff. Not often but it means that I'm not always playing in a standard way. Like a full set list and pack up. We stop and start a few times. Eating and stuff. Maybe half hour or more break at times.

What should I do with the amp while this is happening? Is that too long for standby to be on? Better to just turn the amp off? Would it really matter if I turn it off and on a couple of times in the night?

Any help appreciated.
No it wouldn't matter to turn it off and on. As long as it's not like 1 minute apart.
It's kinda like practicing - you play for like an hour, leave, come back an hour later and turn it back on.

as far as i know it's all good just to turn it off. Might have to let the tubes warm up again though
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