Save me some trial and error and hopefully someone knows specifics... I'm building exactly what i want in a guitar so its mis-matched parts. The next thing i need is a bridge/trem.

I want it to look original fender... i will likely use either my left over graphtech saddles or callaham vintage ones.

I'm not sure what is going to fit best with the body and neck (nut) that i've selected.
Options are:

1. Fender Am. Deluxe trem with callaham block and arm.
or if the 2 posts are the same, can i just use...

2. Fender Am. Strat callaham direct replacement

3. Hipshot Vintage style trem (steel block)

thoughts? other options? I'm not sure if one setup has narrow saddles or string spacing... or if the mounting polls are different spacing... not sure if the nut on the neck is spaced to work with anything other than a vintage 6 screw trem..
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wait, so what guitar is this exactly? as you have not specified
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The callaham Am. direct replacement is normal string spacing. I have the narrow mexican assembly and it's great, and stays in tune like anything. Looks totally vintage too

However, is the body a two point trem? If it was then for a callaham, you'd have to dowel and redrill six mounting holes, because callaham only make synchronised (sp?) trems. I'd say it's worth it for the most vintage looking trem and tone. But no. 1 would probably get pretty close if you put on callaham saddles aswell.

So I'd say: No.2 if you have time and money at your disposal, or No.1 if you want an easy, less vintage looking assembly.

And TBH, I've never had any experience with hip shot parts. Probably good quality, but when choosing a strat bridge all the review pointed me to callaham....