Hey guys, it seems like I have a problem for downpicking really fast. I try using my wrist but I cant seem to get the hold of it and do it cleanly. Also when I play punk songs or any songs it seems my picking hand always hurts around the fingers when I play, maybe Im using my fingers more than I should?
So can you guys help me out?

relax abit... dont be so tense...I only presume you are tense coz your fingers hurt. u don't have to strum hard to get a sound.. WORK YOUR AMP!!! and it just takes practice dude!! small progress takes a LOT of time. Welcome to guitar :P
Yeah its usually the pain around my thumb area of my picking hand that hurts, but I dont want to play sloppy so thats why I kept my hand tense. Any more tips would be appreciated still.
How long have you been playing?

It takes time to build up the strength and the muscles. Learn your songs at a slower speed first.

I improved my downpicking immensely playing master of puppets. Made sure I could play it first at 50%, then at 75% speed. Then, from the 75% speed I made small increases in tempo until I could play it full speed accurately and without too much struggle. Now, the song essentially falls out of my hands due to the process, but when I started it seemed as if I'd never be able to play it full speed. Everyone goes through this stage.

It's all about being slow and accurate first, and then increasing your speed.
Thed main things to do are completely relax, try and slow down and just practice being as accurate as possible for the moment. Then, when you're comfortable with that, speed up a little bit more and practice at that speed until you're happy with it. After that you just repeat until you can play it, and you should find that you'll be more relaxed and there shouldn't be any more pain.
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learn master of puppets - metallica and like light to the flies - trivium
those songs are great for fast downpicking
play them slowly and work up your speed little by little
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A picture of your picking hand could be quite helpful here

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To TS: Practice! Practice! and more PRACTICE!

It's the only way you'll pick up speed.
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I just thought I'd swing by to tell you that the rig you have in your sig made me supremely envious...

Thanks There are pics in my profile, I think.