Hey guys,

This may seem like a weird question but hopefully I can get some help. I am trying to write some Australian style folk/country songs, basically just for fun. I'm talking stuff like Click goes the sheers, The road to Gundagai and the majority of Slim Dusty's discography.

Obviously one of the most important aspects of these songs is to write lyrics about the country and sheering sheep and using as much Australian colloquialism as possible, however musically I am not so sure.

Could someone with more musical theory knowledge than me give some ideas of the characteristics of these songs and what they could include to give them more of an Australian song kinda feel?

Hope all that makes sense!


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I personally don't know, but your best bet is to analyse songs that you like and want to sound like and see what has been done (musically) in those songs to give ou an idea of what you could do.
major chords hehe...no to be serious old style country like Slim Dusty generally has a (I don't know the formal wording for this) half-picked, half-strummed feel, as in picking a simple bass melody with the thumb and "strumming" the corresponding chord with the remaining fingers. Use that technique coupled with 3/4 timings and such and maybe a 7th chord in there somewhere, and there you have a pretty good approximation. If you want to mix it up a bit add some harmonica and some ol' weepin steel guitars for the perfect country feel haha good luck dude.
To play Australian folk you have to be Australian and play folk music. That's all there is to it.

By the way I am perfectly serious. If you're not Australian you're **** out of luck.
G'day there,

Send us a message if your seriously into this, my name is Trevor Tolton www.myspace.com/trevortolton and i am full into the bush ballad aussie folk business. Let us know if you still wanna give it a go and I can help you out with any questions.

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