im buying tusq, but i cannae decide what colour
opinions please?

also, what precautions should i take when i put the strings on, it hasnt been strung in about 2 or 3 months

piccies so you can see the geetar

Colour is up to you. Doesn't make a difference.

As for restringing, just tune it up slowly when it starts to get up to tension and you'll be fine.
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Man those took forever to load.... get the white ones with the abalone, or MOP, whichever that is on your guitar...
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^ I concur. Except I would get cream with abalone.

Cream > White
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heh my bad i may have forgotten that a lot of people have dial-up =]

yeah i would much prefer cream to white, but you can't get tusq in cream so its gonna have to be black with MOP
I'd go with black with MOP. Matches the black/pearl rosette and the black pickguard. It'd look better with ebony fretboard and bridge, though.
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