i have an ibanez s470 and am replacing the bridge and neck pickups (humbuckers) with irongear hot slag pickups.

i am not fully sure on what to do, do i just take out the pickups already in and replace with the new ones in the same places on the wires. but will this be coil split?

the pickups have 2 earths on them do they both go on a back of a pot?

they have 2 wires a white and a green already soldered together, do i leave them soldered together and put them where the white wire is on the stock pickups?


3 wires coming from my old pickups 1 red 1 white and 1 black
the hot slag pickups have 5, 2 earths, a red and a green and white soldered togther

do i just put the 2 earths where the black on the stock already was, the red where the red was and the green and white where the white was?

sorry if i repeated myself and didn't make sense
Do you have any soldering skills? Have you ever wired in/replaced pickups or other components before? You might want to take it to a tech instead of giving it your first try on your main guitar.

Just a thought.

Otherwise, solder the new red lead of your pickups to wherever the hot lead ( sounds like it would be the white wire ) of the old pickups were, the solder the new black wire to wherever the old black wire was, and then solder the green and "silver" wires to ground, as well as the conductor shielding. There are a lot of ways you can send those to ground, but most likely they have it on the back of a volume or tone pot.

Also, unless you plan on wiring in those new pickups along with a DPDT or similar switch, either in the form of a regular switch or a push pull pot, then the pickups will not have the option of coil splitting.
i have soldering skills, and the pickups that are already in my guitar are in coil splitting, 5 way pickup selecter

i found this on the ibanez website for my guitar but mine has inf pickups not powersound

and this on on the irongear website

pickups switching currently
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email keith who runs axetec, hell shoot you back an answer pretty quick, he did for me
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thanks i'll already emailed him on boxing day and he hasn't got back yet, i wasn't sure if he would get back or not. but now i'll just wait and its probabily just cause of christmas/new year.