Hey everyone of Ultimate-Guitar. I wrote these words as basically a come back at my old band. Basically a song existed that sounded very similar to a song called Rescue Me by Y&T Tempo was a match, rhythm and chord sequence, intro nearly exact, it was all a bit suspicious. So basically this is just the start, I've put together something that is to the same chord sequence as both and the intro lyrics to the same lyrical melody as my old bands referancing the copy and stolen ideas, so here it is. I have two rewrites of it, bt aren't sure wether they are any good, oh whether I should even continue with this prospect

So now you go and take them off
Take notes and lines that you don't own
Throw it all away
Cause You Don't Own Them
They asked us to be one big lie
To "trust the words they stole and played them all night"
And now "Rescue Me"

So thats one version

and the other

So now you go and take me out
With Stolen lines and shatered lives
Replaced them in my mind
Cause you don't own me.
They asked us to hold down a lie
To "Trust these word" they "stole"
And played with our rights
So "Rescue Me"
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