hey UG, i need some advice.

i'm planning on playing bass for my church, the problem is that i have no background in music theory whatsoever. i've been playing by tabs all this time. i've started on learning the notes on the fretboard. what should i learn, and in what order? should i start with scales or something?
the best way to go is to start learing the 5 major scale patterns the minor blues pentatonic etc etc
Well once you have the fretboard of, Learn the major, minor, blues and pentatonic scales, I would really advise trying to get some theory class's because thats were i fell down. Also understand how to incorperate them into music. Chord progressions would be another good thing to learn. But seriously try to get a teacher or some really good theory books.
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unfortunately, i don't have the time to go for classes, i think i'll just go with books. i'll go check out the bookstores, thanks for the advice!
You can always find them on amazon, if there not in the bookstore.
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Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
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For the love of god, learn chord formation. Thats the first thing you should learn, as it is most important. Chord formation lets you know what to play when someone says "play a Cm D G chord progression."

After that, start learning your diatonic scales, and the numbers and chord that go along with them, such as 1 - Ionian - Major, 2 - Dorian - Minor. People often give chord progressions in numbers, like a 1-2-4 chord progression. Learn ALL of the diatonic scales, they are really important. Then learn a solo scale; blues, pentatonic, and bebop are all good scales.

After learning all of that, you should be set. Nothing really demands more than that unless you go higher up in the bass world.

EDIT: How can you not have time for lessons? They are only 30 minutes a week. Believe me, lessons are the best thing that ever happened to me, they advanced my learning so much.
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Try to get lessons, they are wonderful.

Try taking some music courses, whether it be in high school, college, uni, or online. Learn the circle of fifths, the major, and minor scales, learn how to play the blues properly, and learn some Led Zeppelin. : )
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If you are looking for theory, check out Mel Bay's Essential Music Theory for Electric Bass. Or The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory. Both are good starts if you want books.

And most high school's and community colleges offer Music 101 theory classes.