Hi all,
My name is Dimitri, 16 years old, from The Netherlands (Europe), playing guitar for over 2 years. I started playing on a Hondo Strat copy, but hated the red metallic kind of colour. So saved some money for an Epi les paul.
Lately my mom kept asking for my strat, cause she didnt like the fact that is was hanging in my room eating dust. I told her i didnt like the colour and she asked me if i could refenish it. I told her to give it a go and here ya go! A custom strat!

Me and my friend took Sanding machines and some sanding paper and we started sanding for 3 days, about 6hours a day! There was an awfull lot of paint on there! But eventually, when we could see the clear wood, it looked awsome. My dad thinks its Mahogany?! (I hope u guys can tell me more.?about the neck too?)I really like this piece of wood.
Here are some photos after a good clear coat

Those dark spots on the body are the same wood but i think they're created when the body got its shape. It gives the guitar a real caracter if u ask me!

I've ordered a set of Tex Mex Fender pickups from ebay.

I'm gonna re-do the wiring. The pots(which are 500K), i'll keep and the switch too. The rest of the stock hardware i'll also re-use, maybe to be replaced in the future.
I'm not sure about what to do with the pickguard, i was thinking of a black one, or just keep the stock one( a white)?ideas?

It's my first project, so it aint perfect. No problem if u ask me, it'll be a cool rock n roll guitar!

Hope you guys like it?! If not, tell me why?!
All comments welcome! I'll try to response as soon as possible.
As u've mabye have noticed English ain't my first language, so correct me if i'm wrong. But i think u guys will understand most of it ^^
that's all for today people!
Friendly greetings,

To get it to this colour i also use a thin layer of stain(? hope i get it right? in dutch it's "Beits". I used a online translator). Here's a photo of the back of the neck:

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nice i really like it! i dont know what kind of wood is it, im no wood expert, but i bet the finish product is gonna look ****ing awesome. pl post some pics after your done!
You might want to get 250K since you'll be using single coils ... I suspect that you used to have a Humbucker in the bridge.

I'm not sure about the quality of the switch but it might make sense to upgrade that, too.

In order to reduce the hum, consider shielding your PU routes/cavities and make sure to ground them. Good Luck!

id go with a black pickgaurd
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@zenabi87: ty, i really like it to. I'll post new pics as soon as the tex mex are in!

@ippon: Then 'll go for Fender stuff. Ain't that expensive right?
where can i get this material to shield it? Got no idea about it? never thought about it either xD pls inform me

@rancidryan: ^^
thx allot guys, u'll hear from me!
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@zenabi87: ty, i really like it to. I'll post new pics as soon as the tex mex are in!

@ippon: Then 'll go for Fender stuff. Ain't that expensive right?
where can i get this material to shield it? Got no idea about it? never thought about it either xD pls inform me

@rancidryan: ^^
thx allot guys, u'll hear from me!
I'm sure you can get something locally ... here's what to look for: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Supplies:_Shielding.html

Hey dmitri, that is a really nice looking guitar! Thats cool.

I would guess the neck is maple from the first picture, but the second picture looks too dark to be maple.

Can we have a picture of the back of the neck?
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I think it might be alder- most of it looks too dark to be alder, but I think it may have a sealer which darkened the wood. You can see in between the red of the pickup cavity and the top that the wood is significantly lighter, which would point to alder or poplar.
Either way, it should breathe and resonate a lot better now that you've got all the paint off of it. Make sure to post pictures when you're done!
All that mineral staining on the exposed elbow contour point to poplar...

I would guess that this is a very tinted lacquer/sanding sealer which covers over a maple/poplar/maple sandwich.
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The Tex Mex are in! after 2 weeks Quite fast, from Florida to Holland Europe.
Pics this afternoon. Also from the shielding work. I'm getting new pots and fender pickguard next week. Obviously there wil be pics
That's what I was thinking too when i saw the wood

Here the pics from my Fender pick ups:

these little suckers are hopefully gonna make my little strat scream

Here's the shielding work:

I called a local guitarshop and they told me by tuesday next week they'll got 3 pots for me And i'm getting a new pickguard then too.(I'll shield the pickguard for an optimal shielding.
thats all,
Sweet guitar Dimitri, It's got a really beaten up look without the "I'm damaging my guitar intentionally to make it look this way" feel. I like it, and a black PG will look great! It looks like your body wood is a sandwich (as Ottar said) of a thin Maple laminate and poplar or something of the like on the inside. Nonetheless, Great job, and that neck looks like it's in great condition! Good find!


There she is, after a good wire and shielding work. Good to go!
Any conclusions at what wood it's made of?
1 Thing i know for sure, i like her a lot! Very bluesy strat sound with those texas specials, no hum and lots of tone Thursday it's going to be set up perfectly. (off course i can do allot myself, but letting it do by a profesional is always a bit better!)
Let me know what u guys think!
sound clips or a youtube video would be nice. I want to hear what this sounds like
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Wow! That looks great bro..
Thats probably one of the best lower line guitar refinishes I've seen..
looks nice, the body looks very interesting/ different... what ever it is, it has a thin veneer on top...
Sound Clips?
Sorry to double post, but, it reminds me of Gilmore's strat/Rory Gallagher's(sp?)strat mixed..
Guitar teacher told me the guitar's body is made of Maple, glued together in about 4 pieces. Also, i have to put in another string in the back, to lower the hight of the bridge. Then he can set it up proper
So next thursday it is! Then i'll get some sound on to UG

(Np for double Did those guys have something like this? i'm eager to see some photos then?)
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yo nice guitar.

how exactly did you do the work like what did you do?

because i got a peavey that i got for free a couple years ago and its been in my storage area for awhile i just got it out today and im gonna do something like this.

got any tips?

since my guitar is shaped exactly like yours and the holes are all the same just about.

looks awesome!
Did u apply any actual finishing product on it? U should clearcoat it if not, it would look badass not to mention protect the wood.
Good job nonetheless
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