I got a Tascam Us-144 interface at christmas along with the mxl 990/991 mics. I got it working fine using Audacity. The recordings had a bit of crackle but were overall as good as you would expect.
The next day I tried recording some acoustic guitar parts with the 990, which was setup the exact same way it was the day before. It came out sounding really distorted and crackly. I tried the other microphone, switched cables around and tried it with just my electric plugged into the interface. I think it's probably the interface that is the problem as I used another recording program. But today I tried it and the distortion had decreased again but not completely clear. Do you guys think it was just a one time thing or should I get in touch with the shop I bought it from?
On a different subject, i'm using quite an old computer which only has usb 1.1 ports, so could I buy a usb 2.0 hub and attach it to the 1.1 ports or would I have to do something else?
Thanks for any help.
Did you use any software which accesses to mics, as skype or something else? Sometimes it doesn't "release" its control on the inputs, and you get some weird sounds ><. When it happens to me, I just simply restart :/
I would advise you to use ASIO4All drivers, which reduce latency alot, and will probably remove your crackle problems..
Tell us if any improvement happens ^^
According to the Tascam web site, they said that the 144 works with USB 1.1.

Do you have the phantom power turned on to the mics? How gain (recording volume) are you using? What kind of cables for the mics? When you are recording, are you staying below the clipping level? Meaning the peaks on the wave form aren't hitting either the top or bottom of the image.