ok so I bought a guitar from my buddy and he carved stars into it and painted them pink and I hate how it looks, its an eletric ibanez, now could I sand it all down to one flat and then refinish it or would that ruin the gutiar? and if so could someone give me the steps in order to not ruin the guitar? Thank you.
If it were me, I'd sand the guitar down, then use some body filler to fill in the stars your bud created. Sand it down and then do a solid color. Unless you sand down below the engravings, doing a stain or dye is out of the question.

FWIW, with the pink stars, your bud has already pretty much ruined the guitar. But, as they say, one man's art is another's trash.
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I'd just fill the stars in and sand it down slightly(just enough to make it level).

Your buddy emo?

No, he is probably just Gay. At least being Gay, is a real "orientation". Emo doesn't qualify for anything any more, not for 20 years.

OK, so stars. Sand the guitar down, not necessarily to the wood, but certainly the top layer, with P220 grit.

How deep are these stars? Scuff them up with 80 Grit paper. Get some two part epoxy, car body filler or a tube of Car repair Putty. Fill them, just proud of the surface, then rub down when hard, to P220 grit.

Car body filler is best, because it won't shrink or crack, unlike wood filler or Poly Filler etc. It also dries very quick.

Then prime and paint the guitar.