This song is called Gone. I'm not really a song writer so go easy

Sitting in
My room last night
Cuz' I had no-one
To sit by my side

She was gone
Gone away
I pleaded for her
Just to stay

In this town
Filled with hurt
This betray
Left me in the dirt

But I know
She ent' comin'
I know
She ent' runnin'
Cuz she's with him
Just anothr sin

I know
She ent' comin'
I know
She ent' runnin'
Becuz' she's
With him

Crit 4 Crit
Hey there.
Don't take this badly maybe you were rying to make the rhymes rather predictable.
You might want to try expanding a bit on your vocabulary.
Its mostly because rejection songs are so common in music you might want to make yours stand out a bit. Go the extra mile ehh?
For what its worth that word "ent' " i cant find a word that is a fragment of that makes sence. If you mean Ain't please say it. It confused me a bit.

May i ask what genre this is?
Your icon says punk or pop punkbut some reason i get a country feel during the chorus.