yeah ur gonna probably call me a noob now but i just cant make up a guitar riff. Grr i just dont know what to do, halp
listen 2 a song and then try 2 emulate it in ur own style, without totally ripping the riff off, thats what buddy guy does
Are you playing over chords? That usually helps instead of just sitting there with your guitar and hitting it until you get something good, get a chord progression in your head or record it and play along with it.
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Try coming up with a melody first. After that, see if something comes to you. Maybe even do the chords over the melody, then listen to see if something comes to you.
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the thing is though, im crap at improv and im even worse at chords also where can i find good blues songs coz i know nothing about blues. =]
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Well you'll only get better by practicing . . .
Look for blues music on youtube, just search "blues" and I'm sure you'll get plenty of results.
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