so.... i have this ex gf. we dated for seven years...i am a ripe old 22. we broke up in november but it hasnt really felt like a break up cause we still talk and....have sex and so on. so we were still pretty close.

i got rid of facebook after we broke up.
2 days ago she told me that she saw some pics of me from the previous weekend posted on facebook and i wanted to see them. so i logged into her account. seeing as how we are still friends and not hiding anything from eachother i thought this would be ok.

so when i log into her account there is this chat window that i still open. this is where my bad decision comes into play. it reads "omg i met a guy and were going away together this weekend". Heart is now in a million peices. I just slept with her on thursday. i thought we were gonna get back together. but this is obviously not the case as she has lied to me.

In her defense i told her not to tell me if there were any other guys.

Out of the blue now she will not return my calls and i dont know what to do. i havnt slept. im moving 1000 miles away on tuesday and i feel all ****ed up.


PS. if anyone remembers my last thread about my drinking and drug problem. i quit both. all of UG told me to have some self control and now im rockin'
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In her defense i told her not to tell me if there were any other guys.

For that, you shouldn't be surprised.

Get up and move on. There's nothing else you can do. Stop waiting for her to come back to you because even if she does, she's obviously not worth it.
You're moving 1000 miles away from your ex-girlfriend who is picking up other guys. Start a new page. It's time to move on.
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If you're really in love with her you should tell her

but what do I know about love, i'm just an ignorant retarded mindless kid
maybe you guys just needed some space. i dont know how this commotion started, but when tempers flare, somepeople go off the edge, they expect the worst wether they want it or not, and the worst can very well happen. i wouldnt worry too much about the ''other guy'' thing. she's a girl she just likes to be all girly and say oooh hey girls! im going to meet this guy!!!!! omgomgomgomg!!!!! (and so forth) it just gets her going, thats all. just take it easy, this might be the end of a time for you, or it could be just a break from it, or it could maybe even the beginning of one.

i cant imagine how hard it must be, seven years, thats a long time. dont ever think those years meant nothing to her. trust your gut instict, if she proposes something, and you feel good about it, go for it. if you dont feel good about a certain decision, then dont go for it. talking with her will lead to these ''decisions'' about your realtionship. i would joke about using the liquor as your friend lol but thats just cuz im quite the constant drinker and everyone leads a unique lifestyle. so yeah, dont even think about drugs and alcohol, of thats your weakness then now is the time to exercise your resistance to it as you've been tested on it before while you were trying to break your habit. i know how easy it can be to slip into an alcohol habit. drugs i dont know, but i imagine it can be much worse.

you just gotta find stuff to do, take your mind off things. when the time comes for you two to talk about it, just be honest.

Knowing something is better than not knowing at all. Wether it be for better of for worse.
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