I have recently been saving up for a new amp, and it seems that I won't be able to get an amp that I was saving up for, and then I came across the JCM 2000 DSL 401, I know that Karl Sanders uses a JCM 2000, and since Nile is in my top 3 favorite metal bands, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this amp. How are the cleans, is it pedal friendly, and how versatile is it?
Hi g-man, I use a dsl-401 myself and I would have to say the clean channel on this amp is its best feature. The overdrive of this amp has a kind of fuzzy voicing which is not helped by the stock speaker (most people change them), due to this the o.d. 2 channel
can get very muddy. I bought this on a whim second hand and although it is a perfectly useable amp it has a few drawbacks.

1. It does get very hot on the front panel.

2. F.x. loop is in parallel - more suited to rack gear than pedals.

3. Really requires modding to get best out of it - retube + speaker change.

Also bare in mind that the 401 combo is different from the head models as they use different types of tubes.So if Sanders uses a head+cab you won't get the same sound fron the combo.
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Honestly If you're playing really heavy metal, I would not recommend it. Nile uses the HEADS not the combos- they sound different.

what is your budget and are you gigging?
1. My budget is going to be around $700-$750 and it seems that I will have to be buying used from ebay, so because of shipping it will be more like $650 at most, which would only be enough for a 5150 combo, which I'm not particularly interested in because of the sheer inconvenience of it and mediocrity of the cleans. The main tones I have been going after are an Opeth, or LOG type of distortion, and the only Laney I would maybe be able to get is the AOR, and it seems unless I get lucky and find a Mesa Boogie DC-5 in my price range, I'm completely out of luck.

2. I plan to be gigging soon.

Thanks for the help guys.