Ok, I saw this movie a few years ago. I REALLY want to see it again but forgot what it was called.

It's about this psycho who becomes the leader of a boyscout group. I also remember the group had a girl in it. There was this part where they were all peeing on people off of a cliff... And later in the movie the girl shoots rocks out of her bra... And it contains the line, "If the scout book told you to stick your weenie in a light socket, would you do it?".

That's literally all I remember. If you know the name of the movie, PLEASE tell me! I've been looking for it for ages!
Sounds like a crap movie.
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^Maybe, can't remember. But a lot of movies have those :\

And yeah, it is a crap movie. It's so crap that it's funny (if I remember right)
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Sounds like a crap movie.

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oh no it is, it is bushwacked, i remember it fondly,
how can you forget about someone shooting rocks out of a bra?

anyway it had the one dork from home alone in it
That might be it. Looked it up on IMDB, it seems right. Thanks, if it's the right movie
Well, I loved it the first time I saw it (assuming it's the right movie). Maybe it's just one of those movies that's funny as a kid and crappy as an adult...? 'Cause I saw it like 8 years ago lol
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I lol'd
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yeah i liked it as a kid also like i said befor, i watched it not to long ago or mabey longer than i though and i though it was just retarded and dont see what i use to see in it.