so, im trying to buy some shirts from rockabilia.com [sp?] but i dont know what size to get because on the sizing chart for tshirts it only has medium, large, X-large, and xx-large, but no small.. and im realllllly skinny, so i dont know if medium would be too big.. im about 5'7"/5'8".

so has anyone gotten a small size shirt from there? if so, how small was it?
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It depends on what shirt it is.

They don't make the shirts, they generally get them from other places. Some of my Grateful Dead shirts are giant and really loose on me, while a Trivium shirt of the same size is almost tight-fitting.

I've only gotten 2X-3X shirts from there, but some of the 3X are as small as 2X and some 2X are as big as 3X in my opinion.

What you need to check for, is if the shirt(s) you want are 100% cotton, and if they're pre-shrunk or not. If you get one that's 100% cotton and not pre-shrunk, even if it's a little big on you, after a few washes/wears it'll go down some.
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