that might have been a custom model or a limited production run model. i seem to remember seeing that on gfs at one point, or something very similar. im pretty sure it was a limited edition run or something though, so i kinda doubt the make them any more. maybe try ebay or some other used gear source.
*gasps* It's beautiful!

...it actually made me stop breathing for a little while

PLEASE keep us updated on where to find those.
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http://www.zemaitis.net/ art with strings!

How much do the Zemetis GZ LP clones normally cost? I was looking for prices but couldn't find any. I've been thinking of getting a Xaviere 500 or 700 but after seeing these...........
Alden Guitas makes some fantastic Zamaitis copies. I have a local store that carries the line and I have played them they are amazing guitars for the money. The make an LP copy with a great Dragon inlay I am interested in.