i have a ART tube Mic preamp and a SM57 mic right now. Sold my old toneport

So now im thinking of getting this



I will also get some a pair of studio headphones.
So it will be sm57 -> preamp -> soundcard -> monitors -> headphones

First question is, are the soundcard and monitors decent? ( i dont want a external interface)

Second questions, how will i set it up with cables and stuff? Seeing its 2 lines on the monitors L, R , but only one mic will be connected to one of the L, R inputs on the sound card

Third question, how do i set it up to use this soundcard for music and movies and games on the computer ( connecting computer speakers and a headset etc )
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Looks alright to me, well I don't know about the monitors actually. Sure they will be fine though.
Given that you don't want to go with an external interface, that one should be okay, I guess. I'd personally go with an M-Audio interface over an Emu one, but that's just me talking from my positive experiences with M-Audio. I've never used an Emu interface.

The monitors... as much as I love M-Audio stuff, I'm put off by the 4" drivers. I guarantee you will find them lacking before too long, and then going out and spending more money... again.... to buy something else you should have bought in the first place.

I have a pair of Yorkville YSM-1 monitors that give me mixes that ALWAYS translate well from system to system. I highly recommend them, and they won't break the bank either. Though, at about $500 for the pair, they will set you back considerably more than the ones you listed. Maybe skip the headphones and put that money towards getting you closer to the monitors you need. As a point of comparison, a pair of Tannoy reveals (representing what pros would consider a so-so set of monitors for home use, but IMHO, not really any better than the YSM1's) will set you back over a grand.

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