I changed the strings it came with for Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, its all locked in properly. If I strike a note 3 times (mainly on the top 3). It gives an undesired sound. Almost like the string is being stretched. The guitar is tune and I am playing through a Roland Micro Cube (which obv contributes to bad sound..)
Not so much fret buzz. But if im downpicking really fast it sounds awful, Raining blood for example.. (downpick E 3 times...) Or a World to Win.. Powerchords sound terrible (although im new to guitar so im not sure if the strings are supposed to be as loud as the amp?
Lol xD . Whether its up all the way or not an at all. I still have the same problem. Maybe I locked the strings in too tightly?

EDIT: No problem guys, it wasnt a technical problem. It was simply my finger accidently raising the string while I was fretting, and also picking incorrectly ;P Thanks guys.
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