ok. I saw a post saying that the ibanez s2170 was a discontinued model. Also, when i asked about what neck it had i was told that due to it NOT being a prestige model it probably had a bolt on? WHAAAA?

Thing i dont get is this - go to the ibanez website:


then go up to the bar and click products
electric guitars

and it says that it is a prestiege.

The person who mentioned it not being prestiege also said that for one you are looking at the $800 range. Well im in england and the cheapest i can find it is round £800

If you click on the guitar it dopes tell you what type of neck but what does what is says mean????

I hope that someone out there can make sence of this.

Thanks guys and gals.

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Quote by IYanoplathizoI
still confused

So am I, your post makes no sense.

That guitar, being an S Series, will be a bolt on. I have no idea what else you're asking.

And don't bump your thread after 15 minutes.
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The one who told you that is wrong... So what?
No need to make a new thread out of it.

EDIT: man your English is bad. I think mine is better and it's not even my first language.
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People on UG are often wrong...anyone can sign up here and post. It is a prestige model and £800 is a typical new price for one.