As the title suggests i am interested in buying a chorus for my bass and i am having trouble deciding between these two pedals. Anyone who has anything to say (good or bad) about either of these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Love the Digitech. As I've said before, great sound for a reasonable price. Easy to dial in and sonically solid.
All i Can say is get the Digitech or If you have the money get a ebs unichorus. You cant go wrong with the digitech tough.
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To be fair, the Boss has a low pass filter which I have found useful.
The digitech has the "multi-voice"control though.

I own both of these pedals and have used them a lot so if you have any questions just ask.
Honestly, I don't think you'd be dissapointed with either of them.

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^ +1, I think either would be fine. The Digitech is more versatile, and the Boss is analog. (no tracking errors)
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Not trying to hijack the thread here or anything but how does the Ashdown Chrorus compare to these pedals? I'm basicaly in the same situation as this guy but I'm also considering the Ashdown.

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That ashdown is good, You also get flanger and delay on the same pedal and for the price it is well worth it.
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Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul
Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Demo

EDIT: I've looked but I can't find the Digitech one.
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Are you sure the boss is analog?
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There is also the Analogman Clone chorus, who does a modded small stone so that it works better with bass.
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The Boss is digital.
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The Digitech one is great, tried the Boss in-store before geting the digi, and never regretted getting the Digitech
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