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I just recently started using Guitar Rig 3, and I've hit a bit of a block. I can only get the latency to go down to around 25 ms without noticable hissing or popping. I have some really crappy onboard audio (Realtek HD Audio) on this laptop, and I'm wondering what external sound card I can get to bring this latency down. I am in posession of a Harmon Kardon Citation Twenty-One Pre amp (works like a dream). If I send my guitar signal through here before hitting the computer, would this help?

I use mine with a toneport and using a 96k sample rate I can get it down to a pretty unnoticable 12ms I think. The hissing/popping is probably because your CPU can't handle it.
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just out of curiosity, what does ASIO4ALL do?

It's a driver, it helps greatly with latency issues.
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ok, so I installed ASIO4ALL, but it is sticking at 739 ms with no slider to change it. what do I do?
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ok, so I installed ASIO4ALL, but it is sticking at 739 ms with no slider to change it. what do I do?

You have to set Guitar Rig to use ASIO
File > Audio and Midi settings > Soundcard > Change Interface to ASIO and then output device to ASIO4ALL V2
Ibanez Prestige RGA321SPB
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alright, that worked quite nicely, 10 ms, NICE! one more question, does decreasing the buffer size decrease quality as well?
I had the same issues with GR3, got ASIO4ALL, changed settings in GR to ASIO4ALL V2, but now there is no sound going into GR. I'm not using an interface (its shipping in 2 days) but I need to try GR out now. I'm just running my Guitar to the Line In port on back of Compy Tower.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out...


Thanks for watever help you eventually would have given me.

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