okay so i have a VOX AD30VT and i like it a lot but im curious about getting more gain/distortion/overall better sound. the thought occured to me to change the tubes. i have very little experience with this so i did some research. i liked these two:

12AX7B Silver Dragon

or this

12AX7 TungSol Russian Issue

i dont know much about this so i could use either crits on these or maybe some other recomendations. i play metal, classic rock, hard rock, and shred/speed metal. im mostly interested in the shred tone.

again i only researched some stuff online i really have no real experience with tubes or tube types.

Thanks in advance
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^Apparently it does. Never tried it personally but lots of Valvetronix users reported a lot tighter sound and more gain from changing the valve.

Tung sol would be a good choice.