If i use a digi rp-90 or rp-50 or a death metal pedal with this amp will it sound good? they didnt have any at the store so.... yea. It has a decent clean though so will it sound good
The Crate Flexwave doesn't really have a nice tone but I guess its okay if your using it just for practicing only. The Digitech RPs sound really digital and un-natural. What gear do you have?
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Well the Crate Flexwave series are very good amps. They are ok for practice but there is nothing spectacular about them.

Also the RP-50, RP-90, and the Death Metal all sound cheap and digital and will not give you a good tone.

What is your budget and what type of music do you play?
The Crate FW actually has a ton of gain on tap. You won't need a pedal for playing death metal.

It does not take pedals well.


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