I'm trying to get information on a guitar that John Mayall is pictured with. On the cover of the 1968 Decca release "The Diary of a Band Vol 1", Mr. Mayall has a guitar over his shoulder. It has a number of features and it has a unique shape. It has four pickups and an open bar that anchors the strings.

In 1969 my family moved from a small farm town in Illinois to the college town of Madison, WI. I was 16 at the time. I used to spend time in the college record shops in Madison and I remember seeing "The Diary of a Band Vol 1" on display. As a fledging guitar player I was struck by the guitar that Mr. Mayall was pictured holding. I never forgot the open bar that anchors the strings on that guitar. At the time I had no money and it would be awhile before I could ever buy a decent guitar and I wanted that guitar! Anyway, that picture has stuck with me since 1969 and I would really like to know more about it.
john mayall guitarbig.jpg
Tony Oresteen
Newnan, GA