From Joe Cancellare of Homeless Factory Records (ex-Flaming Chainsaws)-

I tried putting together a little sampler of bands a while back, and I pretty much failed miserably. I got almost forty minutes of material on there, but not one copy was purchased. So, I am making a new compilation. This time I'm not trying to sell it. This time, every band that appears will be given the music files (if they can operate a computer- most will probably be able to) or sent a copy so they can make their own and either give it away or sell it. It is going to be totally up to each band what they do with it. I encourage all bands to make copies in as many formats as possible, and upload it on the internet as much as possible, etc.

This time, I'm not looking for bands to give me one song from some EP they just made. I would like every band to submit at least two songs, but the limit varies depending on their length, obviously.

I'm aiming for bands in the punk and hardcore genres and subgenres. No twelve-year-old My Chemical Romance worship bands. This is for bands who people can get fired up to, not sit down and "chill" (or cut) to.

I don't care if your band is ultra-pc or if you just aim to offend people as much as possible. As long as there is no serious ****headedness in your music (misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, Nazism, etc) that's cool. That means that if you're screeching your head off about how you like spraying diarrhea on small children, that's fine. Content about how nice you think Hitler was isn't.

So please spread word of this, tell all bands you know; if you have a band it is mandatory to submit stuff. I'm going to send this thing to blogs and people involved with the "scenes" all over the world, so if you're on this, you might get noticed. The more people help, the more everyone gets noticed, so please help out!
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Logan: UG bands aren't that great, and most wouldn't be considered "hardcore" or anything like that.

I meant bands from the UG punx forum.

And I didn't realize you wanted them to be hardcore. My bad.

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