where do highway 1 strats sit in the league of strats? are they better than mim but not as good as mia or are they something completely different altogether?

are the more for rock or for srv kinda blues?

thanks guys.
there amazing guitars, i played one and liked it better than an american
others feel the same way to, and yes there is a noticable difference between a highway one and a mim standard.
they can do rock and srv very well, i dont think its more one than the other tbh
I own a Highway One strat. I'm not sure exactly where i'd place it - they're tone monsters, and they feel great but the factory set-up is awful. The guitar came from the factory with fret buzz and a small blemish on the neck - and also had some intonation problems. Go get the guitar set up by a professional and you will be amazed every time you pick the guitar up.

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a highway one is MIA. its cheaper than the Am Std. because it doesnt come with a hard case, just gig bag, it has a different finish, and the electronics and other parts r different. they r still great guitars tho.